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Finished the Soft/Bland diet today and got started on the
cardiac master. Still to set time aside to update breakfast items to the new
standard so I can enjoy easier editing in the future. Now getting back to
studying Access.

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Working on Menu 2015

Today I got to Day17 completed the Soft/Bland diet. Going over to the linking of all items on the master sheet of Soft/Bland Diet so editing will be whole lot easier when comes to diet changes. It is one of the things I hope to accomplish with new version. Also working on learning Access so I might incorporate a database of the food we are using in a form of linked up system of sort. Still a work in progress in concept and understanding.

Hello world!

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The everything is changing

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Been watching Steve Job introduce the new iPhone. Finally got the feature Larry been looking for video calling.


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just checking something out.

DSi Xlarge


Only thing that impress me about the device was the camera and software for it. Let’s not talk resolution because its bad. But as a camera the its fun. I just wish someone would come out with a camera that was at least as much fun. There’s two buttons for taking the photo or open the case more or press the capture key. Then there’s the editor that allows you dressing up the picture with frames, add text, add flowers, change the colors whatever. But its greatest assigns is connects to facebook.

Adam and the garden

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When you are born you have few concepts but are introduce to many in a short while. Like Adam in the garden have only your animal nature but soon you begin the path of self awareness then come into wisedom or the knowledge that you are taught that conflict with the basic animal of your nature. This conflict will rage all your life but keep on mind there exist another within you and that be God. You quiet both the animal and knowledgable one to hear for sleep deep inside you.

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